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We maximize efficiency through a "4p" method.

Metoda 4p

The development consists of 4 stages: perception, presentation, progress and product rise. At each stage we remain in contact with the customer. We support and monitor completed projects. We focus on efficiency.

Stages of the project

01. poznanie potrzeb Perception of Needs

First, we analyze your needs and expectations.

Please send us an email with the completed form – „Brief”.
On this basis, we evaluate what work is needed on our part.

02. prezentacja oferty Presentation Offer

At the second stage, we bring you our ideas and concepts.

Based on information from Phase I will prepare a strategy. Our vision will take into account your individual needs. In addition, the schedule of work and pricing.

03. przebieg prac Progress of Work

Then we comprehensively implement the project.

At this stage, we do all the work related to artistic creation, editing texts, programming and others. Depending on the nature of the order using the expertise of specialists in: PR, marketing, psychology, communication, linguists, graphic, photograph and programming.

04. wdrożenie projektu Product rise

Finally, we offer a finished product that meets all your requirements.

Our activities are not limited to forward a finite implementation, but they may also include: care for web service execution, additional work on graphics that uses the current implementation of the new orders in the brand.

Why us

To date, dozens of companies, institutions and more than 200 individuals have trusted us. Most of them are with us for years. Customers praise us for a very high level of service, competitive prices and friendly atmosphere of cooperation. We treat each order individually by inserting in its implementation the whole of our potential. This ensures that both large companies, as well as individual companies can more effectively reach out to their customers and gain their cooperation.

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